Strontianite & Phantom Fluorite

Strontianite & Phantom Fluorite

Your Price: $900.00
Part Number:DCO18-STRONT
From: Minerva #1 Mine, Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, USA
Size: 8.0cm x 10.1 x 7.4cm
Weight: 306g 

This is an awesome, dramatic, Illinois fluorite combo! The most striking feature is obviously the large mass of wheat sheaf strontianite that is growing below and on the fluorite. There are actually multiple fluorite crystals, but one large, predominant one which measures 5.2cm on the long edge. The phantom fluorite has a yellow core with a light purple outer zone. There is a light spattering of black bitumen on the face of the fluorite, and there are some chalcopyrite crystals embedded in it. The faces of the fluorite have a stepped growth pattern. The condition is quite good, but there are some broken strontianite tips which is to be expected considering how many there are and how long and sharp they are.

The specimen comes with a labeled acrylic display base.

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