Sushi Roll Fluorite

Sushi Roll Fluorite

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This is a very special specimen that is currently in our personal collection, however, we will entertain offers on it.  If this specimen interests you please feel free to contact to make an offer, or to be put onto the notification list should we ever decide to offer it for sale.

As you can see, this is a perfect fluorite crystal on a bed of dolomite.  The material below the dolomite is a very dark grey, so the overall appearance is that of a sushi roll, hence, the "Sushi Roll Fluorite".  Aside from that novelty aspect, this is actually an exquisite Penfield fluorite specimen in its own rite.  Most fluorites from Penfield, NY are perfect crystals, but they're usually colorless.  This one is extraordinary not only because of the color, but also because of the purple radiation spots which are not common in this locality.

This particular specimen was found during road construction sometime between 1970-1990.  When we acquired it we deemed it best displayed on a sushi plate with chopsticks rather than an acrylic base.

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