Tsavorite, Apatite & Diopside on Graphite

Tsavorite, Apatite & Diopside on Graphite

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Part Number:ATX17-TSAVMAT
From: Block D, Merelani, Tanzania
Size: 4.4 x 4.2 x 3.0cm
Weight: 56g 

Tsavorite is arguably the most beautiful green gemstone in the world, and it is even beginning to out-favor emerald beause of it's vibrant green color. Up until recently Tsavorites were only found in cut gemstone form, but now some choice mineral specimens for collectors have been starting to appear on the market. Off all of the tsavorite-on-matrix specimens we have seen, this one is our favorite so far, and that's why we acquired it. The largest crystal is about 5.6mm in size, but what makes this specimen special is that it is *covered* in tsavorites, and it is an incredible combo piece with four different minerals. Obviously the green is the tsavorite, but the hexagonal white crystals are the apatite, and the yellow crystals are the diopside. The matrix itself is a lustrous black graphite.

In the closeup photos you can really see the detail of what's going on here, and on the top-left there is a diopside crystal covered with a spray of apatite. Considering how few matrix tsavorite specimens are out there, this is really a unique and rare find which comes with a labeled acrylic display base.  The specimen was collected in January of 2017.

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